Year 4 2015/16

Welcome to the Year 4 page


Year 4 is an exciting and important year for your child.  As well as the children working towards on new topics and engaging projects, there is now a higher expectation from their teachers that they become more responsible for their own learning and more mature around school as they model positive behaviour for the younger children they come into contact with each day.   Please remind your child of this so they understand this responsibility.  Please support your child by ensuring that they arrive at school on time every day and that they have everything they need for a successful day, including any homework tasks, stationery and a fully charged iPad.

Year 4 Curriculum Map - Click Here


During this academic year your child will have homework each week.  This is intended to help them consolidate the learning that takes place during lesson time. It is important then that you allow your children time at home to complete these tasks and where you can, talk to them to ensure they understand the importance of them.

We also have a high regard at school for reading books.  All children have the opportunity to take a reading book home so please ensure that your child reads as much as they can.  One way of ensuring this is to get your child to read aloud to you each evening or on the weekend. Your child’s teacher will inform you of the reading skills explored each week in class and we ask that you use this to support your child’s reading development at home.

Your child has a password to Mathletics where they may be set tasks by their teacher to complete at home. The students thoroughly enjoy this website and they can also go on and complete games and challenges whenever they like. Click here to access the website.


Each week, your child will be given a set of spellings to learn. You can support your child by practising these every day and discussing the spelling patterns being learnt. You may wish to find other words with the same spelling pattern so that they can apply what they have learnt. In addition to this, you child will also be tested on their times tables knowledge and mental maths skills. You can find lots of activities to support their times tables learning on the internet and there are many apps which can be downloaded to their iPad.

Spellings - click here for a list a spellings for children in year 4

Year 4 iPad scheme and E-safety

If your child has an iPad then remind them that they need to be responsible for the material they access on the internet.  Here at school we have a filtering system so that children cannot access content not suitable for their age range.  If you would like to have a similar filtering system at home then please contact your internet provider who will send you information on how to do this.  Please remember that you can also set up restrictions on the iPad and limit the content that they can access.  For further information, you can refer to the iPad handbook that we created and gave out to all children and parents when they received their iPad or visit the iPad page of this website that is located under the ICT tab on the left hand side of this page.

Because your child can access the internet at home it is important that we work together to ensure that children now how to respond to some of the risks they may face while online. 

Please also remember that if you are purchasing a mini iPad through the school then you also have a payment plan that needs to be paid each month.  Please try and make regular payments and if you have any problems with payment you should inform the school office to let them know.  Please note that we rely on these payments to inform and arrange future ICT projects and schemes.