Year 3 2015/16

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Year 3 is an exciting and important year as your child makes the transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. This means that there is now a higher expectation from their teachers for them to become more responsible for their own learning. They need to display more mature and positive behaviour around the school, thus modelling positive behaviour for the younger children.   

Year 3 Curriculum Map - Click Here


During the academic year your child will have homework each week. This is intended to help them consolidate their learning at school. It is important that you support your children at home to complete these tasks and where you can talk to your child to ensure they have understood their learning.

Please note that in Year 3 each child has been given a Mathletics log in and we rely on this to provide them with their weekly tasks (homework). Please ensure that your child completes the assigned task using this website: regularly. Besides completing the weekly homework it can be used for regular maths practise, maths games, understanding difficult concepts, competing against children across the globe and so on.

We also have a high regard at school for reading books.  All children have the opportunity to take two books home from school. Please encourage your child to read regularly at home. Do listen to them read, read to them and most importantly check their understanding by asking them a variety of questions related to the book. Each child carries a yellow reading record book home every day, do use this as a home school communication link and write weekly comments to inform us of your child's reading habits at home.

Spellings - click here for a list a spellings for children in year 3

Year 3 mini iPad scheme and E-safety        

If your child has an mini iPad then they need to be responsible for the material they access on the internet.  Here at school we have a filtering system so children cannot access content that is not suitable for their age range.  If you would like to have a similar filtering system at home then please contact your internet provider who will send you information on how to do this.  Please remember that the you can also set up restrictions on the mini iPad and limit the content that they can access.  Please refer to the mini iPad handbook created and given out to all children when they received their iPad.  Please visit the iPad page of this website that is located under the ICT tab on the left hand side of this page for further assistance.

It is important that we work together as your child can access the internet at home to ensure that children know how to respond to some of the risks they may face while online. Please visit the the E-safety page on this website which is located under the tab ICT on the left hand side of this page.

Please also remember that if you are purchasing an mini iPad through the school then you also have a payment plan that needs to be paid each month.  Please try and make regular payments and if you have any problems with payment you should inform the school office to let them know.  Please note that we rely on these payments to inform and arrange future ICT projects and scheme

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